Here at Trade Secrets and Transitions, we know that an employee in transition often means an employee in transit – from one office to another, or one city or state to another. When it’s one country to another, the transition may present different kinds of challenges. The latest new challenge for work-related international travel is the global health crisis engendered by the Zika virus. The spread of an infectious disease is understandably alarming, which makes it all-the-more important for employers to gather and disseminate sound and responsible public health information to their traveling employees, and to understand the employer’s and employees’ respective rights and obligations. Toward that end, we recently published Zika Virus: What It Does – and Does Not – Mean for U.S. Employers, a general overview of the virus, and Zika and Your Workplace Part Two: You and Your Pregnant Employees, focusing on the questions likely to arise when pregnant employees are scheduled to travel to Zika-affected countries. We encourage you to click on these links and to share this information with those in your organization who must be prepared to address these issues.